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Bella, An Immigrant's Tale

Bella, An Immigrant’s Tale is a one woman show about the life journey of Bella Indianer. The play is performed and written by her granddaughter, Vicki Summers, who acts as numerous characters in the play. Bella survived the pogroms in Russia and later emigrated to America in 1920, where she married and raised a family. This is a story of resilience, courage, humor and love, universal themes that connect us all. The goal of this play is to bring to life a Jewish American immigrant with all its challenges and rewards. But more importantly, Vicki's mission is to encourage each of us to discover and record our own precious, family stories so that they won't get lost to time. 

The play is 50 minutes in length, followed by a brief slideshow and Q&A. The program can be tailored to the needs of the audience. Bella, An Immigrant’s Tale, is appropriate for audiences ranging from ages 10 and up. 
Vicki also offers oral history workshops to people of all ages to help jumpstart the exploration of their own family stories.  

*This play was originally developed and produced at Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster MA, in their theater lab program for new plays.

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